Career of President

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+ 2015 - Present,  Managing Chambot Corp.
  1. Handling UV Stabilizer and Antioxidants
  2. UV Master Batch formulation developments
  3. Handling/ Developing Functional Additives
    • Pigments: Ultra Marine Blue
    • Nucleating Agents
    • CuI, KI, KBr type Antoxidants
    • Flow Enhancer
    • Lubricant
    • Chain Extender
    • Micronized PTFE: Antidripping Agent, Anti-Scratch, Mar Resistance, Thickner, Wear Resistance, Sterilization and Chemical Resistance
    • Matting Agent
  4. Supporting Export Business of Korean Petrochemical Manufacturers
+ 2011 -2015, Cytec Korea General Manager/ Asia Pacific Sales Director/ New Business Development Director for Polymer Additives
  1. Korea: Lotte Chemical, SK Global Chemical, GS Caltex, Hyundai EP, Daeha, Milim, Noroo Auto Coating
  2. China: Kingfa, Huafeng, Borouge
  3. India: Machino, APPL, Galware Polyester
  4. Australia: Qenos
  5. Japan: JPP, Tokan Kosan
  6. SEA: PTT, TPE, Titan
  7. Distributor Management of AP Countries
+ 2006 -2010, Cytec's Regional Sales Manager for Korea and SEA
+ 1991-2005, Cytec's Sales Manager for Korea
  1. UV Stabilizer, UV Absorber, Antioxidants, Antistatic Agents
  2. Mining Chemicals
  3. Composite/ Prepreg/ Adhesive for Aerospace