Company Introduction

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Starting Polymer Additives Business, Sep 2015

   • Knowledge sharing of UV Light Stabilizers and Antioxidants

   • Application Data sharing of UV Light Stabilizers and Antioxidants

   • Introduction of new technology,  UV Light Stabilizers and Antioxidants

   • Seminars/ Technical Training on UV Light stabilizers and  Antioxidants

   • Technical support and consulting for UV Light stabilizers and  

      Antioxidants System Development

   • Introduction and Development of Functional Additives

   • Supporting and Consulting on Accelerated Weatherability Test

      and Actual Outdoor Weatherability Test


   • Agricultural Film

   • Compounding

   • Master Batch, PVC Flooring

   • Roto Molding, Pipe

   • Engineering Plastic: PET Film, Bottle, PC Sheet, Nylon

   • Coating and Paints for Automotive, Industrial Application

Consulting and Export Business Support
for Korean Manufacturers