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 I appreciate your visit to my company homepage.

UV stabilizers, Antioxidants and various functional additives are specific and interesting products in fine chemicals.

  • Characterizing by adding at the range of 0.1-5% of a final product.
  • Maintaining beautiful color and appearance of a final product.
  • Eco-friendly technology that enhances durability and maintains long-term physical properties.

Market Demands for UV Stabilizer are becoming more stringent.

  • A quality target to maintain properties of Plastic part for 10 years and 100,000 miles in automotive industries is a big challenge to Additives Technologies
  • In the case of composite materials and compounding, they are pursuing the similar properties of metallic/ inorganic materials.
  • Regulations on the environment are getting harder and harder.

As the head of the Asia Pacific business unit at Cytec, I have found various needs and joined some project team to develop new UV stabilizer system for specific AP customers’ demand. As the one team with R&D, marketing and commercial department, we have achieved great results especially in automotive and injection/molding application.

I would like to be your specific partner to provide with solutions, based on the long experience of how to solve customers' concern and numerous Big Data of UV stabilizers field data. Now, we have opened a homepage for faster and more efficient communication with more diverse customers.

We will get back to you with the solution when you need a cooperation with my company.

Thank you.

PS: Please find some interesting information related with UV Stabilizer and functional additives in BLOG of my homepage.