PET, Polyester

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  • Stabilizing PET Film and Blocking of UV Light Penetration
  • Due to the easy processing and transparent characteristics of PET, it is widely used in applications such as packaging materials (film, bottled water).
  • UV Stabilizer( mainly UV Light Absorber / Screener) enhance the weatherability of PET and prevent photocatalytic degradation of the contents in PET Film package. By using the UV Stabilized PET Film, the Service Life(or Shelf life) can be extended. When choosing a UV stabilizer, the inherent color and its color contribution to Polymer System are key criteria for the final product appearance.

      Data Explanation

  • The reference UV Stabilizer absorbs low wave length UV Light under 380nm which has stronger energy to degrade PET Film. It absorb little UV Light over 380nm range and keeps PET Film its inherent color, non-yellow.
  • To prevent the photooxidation, strong UV absorption in broad range of UV region will be needed.